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An ever-growing number of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and drug delivery companies are adopting out-licensing strategies so as to reap the potential rewards of new technologies, development compounds, and marketed products. By out-licensing their assets to partners that offer development resources and commercial capabilities, companies maximize the potential of under-resourced assets while lowering financial risks.
At Microsource, we are licensing experts. We work with companies to successfully out-license technologies, compounds, and products at all phases of development. We help companies build out-licensing strategies that create long-lasting, strategic relationships.
Through a long track record of deal successes, our global team has fine-tuned a process that initiates, facilitates, and closes deals in a timely manner.

• Develop an effective Information Memorandum
• Target and contact high-potential licensees
• Facilitate discussions under confidentiality
• Obtain feedback from companies contacted
• Promote competition among interested parties
• Design appropriate transaction structures
• Assist with due diligence investigation
• Negotiate definitive agreements