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Business Development in Pharma Industry

In order to expand your business the first thing you need is to explore growth opportunities. We help you to assess companies and products that go along with your goals.
Developing your business – through partnering, acquisition, licensing – and expanding your portfolio is what we and our team of experts excel at. We also help you through the processes like OEM, Co-promotion, Co-branding, Co-detailing, Exclusive promotion, Exclusive distribution and promotion, rented field force service by providing you with professional advice or help.
Our services also include distribution services in both wholesale and retail sale sections.
Having gathered all needed data and gone over all of the options, we then provide you consultancy services how to build the best deal for your compound. Our finance department will help you find financers to fund your projects. We will set you up with the best choices to in-license or out-license your business, expand your own R&D and bring in the right technology for your company. Our global team of analysts also supports you in making the right partnering decision for your pharmaceutical development.
Using our rich experience and having worked with companies of all sizes and capabilities, we provide the support of:
• A team of highly experienced and motivated experts with deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer health and drug delivery industries and markets.
• A very wide network of partners within these markets and industries all over the world specially in Europe, Latin America and middle east.
As the best business development service provider in the region, we will be more than happy to help you make the best out of the opportunities you are presented with or create excellent opportunities for you to take! You can rely on us to penetrate the interesting market of Iran and the region in general, or develop your market here.