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Credit Rating


As one of our strongest skills, we provide you with any number of services you may need to get rated by an internationally/nationally recognized organization. Our partners in this area include the most well-known credit rating companies all around the globe. 

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Trade Finance


In order to maintain your competitive edge, we take care of your trades from the beginning to the end. We finance your order purchase, finance your shipping and deliver the order to you at your desired point. Our flexible and sustainable services ensure the safety of your trade. Read more...

Project Finance 

Based on a professional Business Plan and Cash Flow, we help you get your existing or new projects financed. We are completely capable of either financing your projects ourselves or contact you with our partners who are also professionals in this field. 

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Finance, Trade and Investment

We offer a wide range of investment funds, structured products and other collective investment vehicles registered in different jurisdictions.

This is our true belief that "Good Strategy" and "Good Finance" are so inter-related that it is impossible to separate them.  


The intersection of “Good Strategy” and “Good Finance”, this is where “Great” can be found.