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Nobody expects you to be an expert in every aspect of your business. Let us be a professional help to you regarding your needs in different situations. Having offices and being active all over Europe, Latin America and Asia and drawing on a mountain of valuable experience of our own and our partners, we can show you the way to do what you have aimed for, the best manner possible so that you can get the most output.
Also in this changing world and competitive market, “Change Agility” is what makes your presence sustainable. Yet the process of change in the organization can be very tricky. Our change management experts can ease your way through these changes. Change is tough and always has been. Organizational change is a particularly emotional process—often a source of tension and insecurity. "Will I still have a job?" "What will it be?" We help companies account for these sensitivities with clear communications and solid engagement plans to motivate people. Our approach draws from experiential learning about what actions make change stick. We help deliver "quick wins" by anchoring change in customer and marketplace needs and by tackling changes in parallel, and enduring success by building organization alignment and avoiding ambiguity around critical roles and decision processes.
Our advisory services cover your needs in every aspect of your business including your:
• Strategies
• Management
• Deal generation
• Due diligence
• Portfolio value creation
• Exit planning
• Private equity firm strategy and operations, including sector strategy
• Institutional investor strategy
• Asset / liability management advisory and liability restructuring
• Project evaluation and new project development
• Project finance, equity finance and mezzanine finance advisory
• Working capital management and financing advisory (including debt capital markets and financing)
• Financial modeling
• Determination of the amount and type of capital needs
• Establishing proposed terms of relevant financing
• Preparing materials / documentations and managing roadshows / meetings
• Negotiating terms of relevant financing
For example regarding your strategies, our services typically address critical strategic issues impacting shareholder value, which may or may not involve a specific transaction. Our services include:
• Valuation analysis - determining valuation of the business using methods generally accepted by the market
• Capital structuring - determining the optimal capital structure based on operating and financial forecast
• Analysis of strategic alternatives - evaluating implied impact of financial alternatives (IPO, recapitalization, sale, etc.)
• Merger, acquisition and divestiture strategies
• Corporate business strategy analysis
• Capital productivity assessment
• Structural Assessment
• Growth Strategy Assessment and Identification
• Sector Analysis and Positioning
• Organizational Structuring
The same goes for the other items which you may find in the related sections of the website. Take a moment to surf our website so that you can find the solution to your business problems.