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 Insurance Services That We Offer

The Microsource Group’s experts work with leading insurance in many countries, including P&C insurers, life insurers, health insurers and reinsurers to develop practical solutions ...
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Advisory Services

Microsource Group can help insurers to identify and implement improvements in the tools needed to manage the businesses effectively...

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We help companies address their strategic reinsurance needs and bring best practices associated with the management of reinsurance operations ...

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Through our Insurance business management team at Microsource Group, considering the broad range of our activities, we provide strategic advice for the whole business, whether you are an insurer entering a new market or focusing on a specific area such as improving product distribution, management and pricing. Our goal is to helps clients improve business performance.
Our actuaries and management consultants work exclusively with insurance clients and have deep experience in the industry. Most important, we have a track record of solutions that deliver solid financial results for organizations of all sizes and complexity.

We diagnose situations as well as its running, suggesting feasible and reliable solutions. Our team of experts in the field is used to boost businesses and revitalize them from favorable and critical perspectives. They also provide these businesses with the right management tools which add value to your organization. We help leading insurers across the globe meet their strategic and operational goals.

Our global network of deeply experienced insurance partners work with property and casualty (P&C), life insurance, and reinsurance carriers, industry associations, brokers, and other institutions to address issues on topics including strategy, organization, operations, technology, marketing, sales, and risk. We focus on core operating capabilities and help clients take a long-term, through-cycle view of the evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.
Our expertise in P&C insurance encompasses claims management, where we work with clients to reduce costs through high-quality processes; underwriting, where we help commercial lines carriers improve their technical results; and operations and technology, supporting insurers with operating model review and redesign outsourcing and offshoring, and infrastructure consolidation.
We help life insurers optimize capital and use value creation as a key metric; we provide insights on branding strategy, sales force performance improvement, and distribution; and we help clients assess the impact of regulatory change.