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Brief Introduction

Microsource Group of Companies is an international holding company with its headquarters in London, UK and with several offices across Europe, Latin America, and Middle East.
There are several subsidiary companies which operate under the umbrella of Microsource Group of Companies in the 7 different fields of:
Construction, Finance, Trade and Investment, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Information and Communication Technology, Insurance, and Tourism Infrastructure. There is also an international Law Firm, owned by Microsource Group of Companies which handles the legal affairs of the companies in the Group as well as the business partners.
During more than 15 years of experience, “Excellence” has always been the leading slogan of Microsource Group of Companies while performing the construction projects of dams, roads, elevated roads, airport terminals, residential complexes and resorts, financing huge international construction and trading projects, developing various businesses worldwide, and developing the insurance industry in order to achieve targets far beyond reach of others.
Organizationally, the holding company is in charge of the strategic management and development of the businesses of the subsidiary companies.
Within this concept, nowadays, we have active participation in the business environment of countries such as: Germany, Austria, France, Monaco, Greece, Italy, UK, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Belgium, Netherland, Denmark and Hungary in Europe as well as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay in the South America and Iran, Turkey, Dubai, China, India, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea in Asia. We also have our own active offices in Iran (for Asia), Germany, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, and Hungary with France and Switzerland being under process and Headquarters in the UK (for Europe) and also Uruguay and Mexico (for South America). In terms of construction, our subsidiary companies perform full “EPC”, while our subsidiary financing company provides the financial resources. With respect to investment, our designated company explores proper opportunities worldwide for making investment, whether solely by our group, or on occasions, through bringing other investors as joint ventures into the project.
Our specialty lies in locating new markets and secure investment destinations worldwide.
As mentioned before, Microsource Group of Companies is a worldwide provider of business development services since 1998. . Our 200 experienced staffs (lawyer, bankers, accountants…) are carefully and continuously analyzing various markets and founding professional and economical business solutions, then adapting these solutions with the target country conditions which lead to a comprehensive business plan and offering the best opportunities to the clients.
One of our core values in Microsource Group of companies is our respecting our responsibility towards the society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR) undertakes the role of "Corporate Citizenship" to ensure that business values and behavior are aligned to balance between improving and developing the company's business as well as improving the quality of life of its workforce, their families, local communities and societies at large.
Microsource’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy originated from the strong belief that the Company has an obligation towards its shareholders, employees, clients, partners, subcontractors and the society. Microsource Group of Companies does not exist only to make profit, but rather to improve the livelihood of its employees as well as to serve the societies and the countries where Microsource Group of Companies has an operational presence.
Microsource Group of Companies’ CSR policy is guided by the Company's strong and ethical family values and traditions, it is an integral part of its Corporate Vision which ensures that its business values and behavior are aligned with its Mission Statement; Company Core Values, Guiding Principles and Code of Practice; Health, Safety and Environment Procedures; and Human Resources Procedures.