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Accommodation Services

Accommodation is one of the largest sectors in the tourism industry. The tourism industry across the globe has seen an revolutionary growth which in turn has also resulted in tremendous growth in accommodation facilities. Comfortable hotels and accommodation facilities play a very important role in popularizing any tourist destination. A lack of room availability in major gateway capital cities results in lost leisure tourism business in regional areas.
While tourism property is a sound and viable property class, under-investment in accommodation will continue unless it can become a more competitive asset class when compared with commercial, retail and residential developments. This is the most critical infrastructure constraint on tourism growth. Some innovative solutions to this issue are being canvassed, including relaxing planning restrictions for mixed-use developments, floor space ratio concessions, allowing the adaptive reuse of government-owned buildings at reduced rents for tourism purposes.


They are two major classifications of accommodation, and this has been offered on the type of property and amenities which they offer. Accommodation types may differ in terms of their style of operation, size, services and the product which they offer. They are the serviced accommodation and non-serviced accommodation.

SERVICED ACCOMMODATION are purely business oriented and are primarily built to provide lodging. They also provide all the expected services which the tourist/visitors have paid for. In addition, on the provision of such accommodation, the visitor has to pay for all the services at once for the stipulated time and must not be requires to pay additional money while there. Services accommodation includes the following; hotel accommodation, motels, Guest houses and Inns, and Bed and Breakfast. Hotel accommodations can be classified into starts depending on their facilities and amenities. It ranges from five star hotels, four star, three star, two star and one star hotel.

NON SERVICED ACCOMMODATION these are otherwise called partial tourist accommodation. Although it provides accommodation to tourists, it is primarily established for non-commercial purposes. Among them are

  • Free accommodation: this type of accommodation is available to tourist at no cost and usually from friends, relations or family members.
  • Second home: this is an accommodation owned by a tourist in form of apartment, house and villas in a destination, which serves as his second home while away from home.
  • Rented home: this form of accommodation is available to tourist on temporary basis. It is the temporary renting of private houses as a whole by tourists while on tours in such destinations. Theses forms of accommodation allow the tourists to provide him/her with self catering.
  • Rented rooms: the tourist this case rents a room in a family house where the owners are also living. This is the type of accommodation that is mainly used by educational tourists because it is cheap and affordable.