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Our Services

At the corporate level, our experts collaborate with management to:
• Develop a corporate investment strategy
• Evaluate macro and industry trends and their impact on utilities
• Implement new business models
• Define portfolio and international expansion strategies
• Integrate corporate strategy and corporate finance to manage total shareholder return
• Instill a high-performance culture and decision-driven organization throughout the business

At the business-unit level, Microsource group of companies to help clients:

• Cope with de carbonization and other regulatory requirements
• Improve energy trading and develop storage strategies
• Increase operating performance in transmission and distribution, such as field force optimization and capital project management
• Retain and expand their customer bases through loyalty programs, customer segmentation and other measures
• Deploy assets and IT investments for maximum return
• Capitalize on technology trends and expand into the right adjacencies

For Performance:
We help companies achieve their full potential in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within specific areas of performance (point solutions).

Our integrated solutions include:
• Performance Improvement: Microsource group of companies has developed a full-potential, performance improvement diagnostic framework that points the way.
• High Speed Cost Diagnostic: Quick diagnostic to identify immediate and longer-term opportunities
• Sustained Cost Transformation: Transform the cost structure across the organization to obtain cost leadership and gain competitive advantage
• Complexity Management: Effectively manage all elements of complexity to unlock value and turbocharge the organization
• Capability Sourcing: Acquire the right capabilities from the right source, and the right shore
• Cash and Capital Management: Create cash visibility and a disciplined capital allocation process

Our process-specific solutions include:
Procurement: Make procurement a source of competitive advantage by finding quick cash and building procurement capabilities
• Supply Chain Management: Turn supply chain into a source of competitive advantage for meeting short- and long-term cost, flexibility and service-level goals
• Service Design & Operations: Deliver the promised customer experience at the right cost across service channels.
• G&A Optimization & Org Design: Create lasting improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of G&A functions, aligning process goals to business objectives
• R&D/Product Development: Optimize the R&D function to maximize the return on investment in R&D.