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Financial Services

The financial services industry today faces greater challenges than ever before, from globalization and increased regulation to reputational and technological risks. We meet these challenges with tailor-made financial services insurance solutions.
We know the financial services industry, and the impact insurance and risk management decisions have on your operations and profitability. Microsource Group will develop a custom insurance and risk management solution to improve productivity, reduce losses and minimize operating costs. We have industry-leading knowledge of the risk and exposure in today’s challenging market, including board of directors concerns, account takeover fraud, cyber liability issues, merger and acquisitions due diligence and many others challenges facing this industry.
By establishing a close dialogue with our banking and finance industry clients through our key account management approach, we cover a large corporate exposure.

We always involve our risk consulting and claims teams at an early stage in client discussions, to ensure that all aspects of the risk are considered and addressed before they occur.

Our four key areas of expertise are enterprise risk management and risk culture, credit risk, market and trading risk, and risk and regulation.
Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Culture
We help clients develop risk-management capabilities to support their strategic priorities, so they can protect the value of the company while growing the business profitably. Our integrated perspective on enterprise-wide risk enables us to support not only the chief risk officer (CRO) or CFO but the entire management team, including the CEO and other business leaders.
Credit Risk
We help financial institutions manage risk along the entire credit value chain, addressing challenges and opportunities related to origination and underwriting, credit-portfolio management, loss mitigation, credit modeling and advanced analytics.
Risk and Regulation
We work with banks, insurers, regulators, and governments to quantify and address the operational and strategic impact of regulatory changes as well as to prepare for the implementation of new regulation.
Market and Trading Risk
We help companies create and preserve value by providing advice and analytics on managing market-risk exposures, selecting hedging strategies, and capturing market and trading opportunities.