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IT Standards

Behind the scenes, standards make everyday life work. They may establish size or shape or capacity of a product, process or system. They can specify performance of products or personnel. They also can define terms so that there is no misunderstanding among those using the standard.
Standards and conformity assessment activities are inextricably linked to all facets of your business.
Companies who are most successful in their sectors recognize that standards and conformance are business tools that should be managed right alongside their quality, safety, intellectual property, and environmental policies. In addition, standardization and conformity assessment activities lead to lower costs by reducing redundancy, minimizing errors, and reducing time to market.
Lots of companies, organizations, trade associations, consumer groups, and government agencies are already developing standards. And by being an active part of the process, these groups are gaining a tangible competitive advantage over their competitors. For example, they are:
• Gaining insider knowledge and early access to information
• Exerting influence on technical content
• Developing new markets for products, services, and technologies, and keeping market access doors open
While a standard is a technical expression of how to make a product safe, efficient, and compatible with others, a standard alone cannot guarantee performance. Conformity assessment, however, provides assurance to consumers by increasing consumer confidence when personnel, products, systems, processes or services are evaluated against the requirements of a voluntary standard.

We help companies to understand and develop standards that respond to market needs, deliver value, and help business and the economy:

  • ISMS
  • ITIL