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The basis of any successful marketing strategy is an inspiring brand that speaks to the specific key drivers of the target market. With all of the diversity of niche and source markets, knowing and understanding who to target and how to target them is vital to success. Tourism brands, whether related to a single business or entire destinations, communicate an important message to potential visitors. The ancient histories of Iran, the romance of Paris, and the cultural richness of India, are all defined and communicated through brands, promoting the strengths and advantages of the destination. The brand creates the first impression that will inspire further exploration by the consumer.
Microsource Group creates strong tourism branding strategies for tourism businesses and destinations based on strategic positioning for the target consumer. With its market researchers and creative team, we work with our clients to tell a story through images and ideas that answer the particular demands of potential clients. Our tourism branding process uses market and competitive analysis, image audits and the development of key messaging to create a powerful sense of place. The end result is a brand that speaks to potential clients through design and messaging that meet both the needs and dreams of the traveller.