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Iran & Greece Forum - Undiscovered Opportunities


Microsource International group in cooperation with Greek Embassy hosted the first Economic Forum between the two countries as "Iran, Greece - undiscovered opportunities". The event was held on 30 of November 2015 at Raizan International Conference Center aiming to expand economic and cultural relations between the two countries and was honored with the presence of Greek Foreign Affairs Minister, deputy ministers of Foreign Affairs and tourism and economic cooperation of Greece, Managing Director of IRISL, Managing Director of Rudaki Foundation and other commercial and investment firms representatives and Iranian and Greek businessmen.

There were present at the conference more than 400 members of the Iranian companies in different areas like energy, oil, gas, transportation, banking, IT, food industry, agriculture, construction, infrastructure and shipping along with 30 Greek companies and its high ranking delegation and Iranian authorities.


 H.E George Ayfantis, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Islamic Republic of Iran cited the extensive prospects for cooperation between Iran and Greece and mentioned: “The presence of the foreign minister, deputy minister for international affairs, Deputy Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Greece and a group of experts in the Greek industry is a signs of hope for the future prospects for relations between Tehran and Athens.”

H.E. Nikos Kotzias, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hellenic Republic honored us with his presence and in his speech referred to the ability of Greece to expand its relations with Iran and said: “We are ready to develop our relations with Iran in various fields, especially economic and diplomatic.  Greece is a European country with a multilateral policy and energy in the development of its relations with other countries. An important part of our policy will be focused on the expansion of relations with Iran, especially in the field of culture, education and development in sectors of the economy. In tourism section, Tehran and Athens transport can expand their relations. Iran and Greece in many sectors can complement each other. To keep this collaboration coherent and stable is important for the investors and traders to expand it ". Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece closed his lecture pointing the presence of several ministers and economists in his delegation as evidence of their hopes for the development of relations between the two countries.

Greece Promotion videos

Mr. Soheil Golpour, CEO of Microsource Group of companies, delivered his speech about Iran & Greece Economic Relations Development in presence of the economic officials, businessmen and corporate leaders.
Mr. Mohammad Saeidi, President of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines Company (IRISL), as the next lecturer reviewed the Capacities of Mutual Relations Development in Shipping Industry.

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Mr. Nikolaos Kakouris, Legal Expert, presented a very interesting speech about investment support frame for doing business in Greece.
Mr. Bahram Jamali, President of Roudaki Foundation that was present at the conference also as a representative of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said : “In the field of selling art pieces there are very favorable fields for cooperation between the two countries. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Rudaki Cultural Foundation as the representative of the ministry can be partners to make it happen. In the annual programs of the cultural and artistic issues, a memorandum of cooperation can be signed in Iran and we hope to provide the groundwork in this conference.
Mr. George Taniskidis, Banking Expert focused his speech on Banking Industry Vision of Greece as well as Reviewing Ways of Banking Sector Development between Iran & Greece.
Mr. Mohammad Reza Ayatollahi, President of Shasta (Social security investment company - SSIC) introduced Shasta and its Facilities for Mutual Relations Development.

Question & Answer Panel

H.E. Mrs. Theodora Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Greece for industrial development, honored us with his presence at this panel.
H.E. Dimitris Mardas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece for international cooperation affairs that was present at the conference, affirmed that:” Greece regarding investment in Iran, shows a very particular interest in services and industry field. Greece's strategic position in the region is special because it covers the three regions of Balkans, the Black Sea and the North Aegean countries. Our country is also a member of the European Union and all these factors can attract investors.” Greek Deputy Foreign Minister qualified Greek goods and pointed out that: “Our Merchandise in terms of technology as well as packaging is in a good condition. Iran and Greece could also interact with each other in the fields of construction, transport and shipping. Greece is a good destination for Iranian tourists as well.

Lunch reception
After the last presentation, participants were guided to the dining hall to rest and have lunch.

B2B Meetings
In the last part of this successful conference, Microsource international group of companies created an opportunity for the business representatives of the country's to meet investment opportunities and development of bilateral relations.

As we conclude the conference, we believe that unexplored opportunities for the development of economic and cultural relations between the two countries were successfully evaluated so that with the presence of high-ranking officials of the two countries, the government and the private sector, a strategic solution were created.