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The Ways we deliver to Meet Customer Needs

We do EPC( Engineering, Procurement and Construction); Turnkey; EPS(Engineering, Procurement and Support); Prefinancing; BOT( Build, Operate and Transfer; Government projects only); PPP( Public Private Partnership).

In Engineering, Procurement and Construction and Turnkey contracts, Microsource Group assumes responsibility for the full EPC scope of a project until the plant is up and running, including engineering, manufacturing, delivery of equipment to site, supervision, civil works, commissioning and start-up. We have deployed many large scale constructions on a full or partial EPC/Turnkey basis (often the case when a project is divided into two contracts (EP and C)), representing a total production capacity of approximately … million m3/day.
The EPC contract guarantees compensation for delays in project completion and also assumes full responsibility for overall project cost and performances as defined in the Contract.


In Engineering, Procurement and Support Services contracts, Microsource Group assumes responsibilities for the design and procurement phases of the project including support services.


A public-private partnership (P3) is a contractual arrangement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and a private sector entity. Through this agreement, the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in delivering a service or facility for the use of the general public.

We serve both private and public entities on PPP financing, origination, development, operations, and stakeholder and regulatory management. Microsource partnership models are designed to help customers manage risk and reduce cost. Through PPP (Public Private Partnership) structures, the customer, who may have limited experience in the construction, operation, maintenance and finance of massive infrastructure construction projects, transfers risk to experts with the skills required to plan, manage, execute and operate these complex projects.
Although PPP’s are not likely to replace traditional financing, it is generally recognized that they offer a long-term sustainable approach to improving infrastructure, enhancing.



Other possible models include joint ventures, strategic partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Build-Operate-Own (BOO), Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and others. Within these frameworks, Microsource accepts responsibility for building the project (including securing required financing), and then operating the facility under a long-term concession (ranging from 10-30 years) after which the plant is transferred to the customer.