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Business Development

To help clients deliver complex projects on time and within budget, we apply value-driven end-to-end project management, design-to-value, best-practice procurement, and lean construction principles.

Project Management

Recognizing the importance of project management, we help clients expand the skill set and accelerate the development of their project managers. We also support clients as they implement performance management and incentive systems that attract the best talent and drive continuous organizational improvement.

Lean construction

Lean Construction is a combination of operational research and practical development in design and construction with an adaption of lean manufacturing principles and practices to the end-to-end design and construction process. Lean construction is concerned with the alignment and holistic pursuit of concurrent and continuous improvements in all dimensions of the built and natural environment: design, construction, activation, maintenance, salvaging, and recycling.

To improve productivity and complete projects on time and on budget, we help clients implement lean construction techniques. At the same time, we consider potential organizational barriers to implementation and manage accordingly.

Due diligence and transactions

In collaboration with our colleagues from the Finance section, we identify and assess investment opportunities that are consistent with our client’s broader strategic objectives. We help clients understand the potential for value creation, including opportunities to improve an asset’s cost position, operating performance, capital project execution, regulatory management and opportunities for revenue growth. To support the formation of strong joint ventures, consortiums, and special purpose entities, we advise client on structure, negotiations, and implementation. To ensure the long-term success of an investment, we assist clients in identifying, analyzing, and managing project risk.
Performance transformation
By applying design-to-value, or DTV, strategic sourcing, general and administrative benchmarking, lean operations and maintenance practices, and capital project optimization, we help clients improve the operations and overall economics of their assets. We support clients in restructuring and righting delayed and costly capital projects. Our knowledge of key functional topics, such as procurement, supply chain management, risk, and regulation, helps us advise on specialty areas and subcontractor negotiations.

Large Scale Infrastructure projects are inherently complicated. To deliver a project according to an owner’s often-changing requirements is particularly challenging. Drawing on our experience in other industries, we find that applying lean practices at every stage of a mega project can result in significantly higher margins, higher commercial win rates, and improved client loyalty and trust. Our Infrastructure Practice supports contractors in planning and executing projects according to lean principles. At the same time, we use our deep knowledge of mindsets and behaviors and our extensive experience in organizational transformation to embed these lean principles and change the project team’s way of working. To ensure long-term success, we focus on building the client’s skills throughout every stage of the project in a sustainable way.